Spend 8 days and 7 nights aligning your body, mind, and spirit so you can go back to the “real world” empowered, radiant, and centered in Your TRUTH and the magic of Sacred Living!


Love, I have a few questions for you…

  • Do you fantasize about running  away for a while or freezing time?

  • Do feelings of worry, confusion, or not being good enough drag you down, stress you out and make you pull the covers over your head?

  • Do you pour yourself a glass of wine, binge on junk food, or text an old lover because you feel lost or all alone?

  • How long can you go on numbing yourself down, beating yourself up… going through the motions, ashamed and resentful because you’re afraid of the unknown?

You forgot who you are.

…it’s been a long time.

burnt_outIt’s been a long long time, so long you don’t remember it not being this way.

Usually you get through the day keeping yourself busy at work, running to the store, gossip, TV, Facebook, driving, yoga, seminars, kids, mani/pedi’s, church, sex, dinners, movies, shopping, taking care of everyone else and their kids, even meditation… if you can squeeze it in.

But lately… it’s gotten bad. Really bad.

So bad… the gut-wrenching fear mixed with paralyzing self-sabotage… So bad you went to see the doctor to get some meds, only they made you sick. So you called an old friend you knew had a prescription for valium, and that helped for about a week until you realized you can’t go around high all day… you’re not “that” mom.

grumpy2Ok, maybe therapy is the trick… ugh, so expensive… and you’re bored just thinking about all the shit you’ve said a million gazillion times.

Oh… A VACATION!! That’s what you need. The airplane claustrophobia, the room next to the elevator on the floor with the wedding party, eating out every night, more drinking, tired screaming kids, driving around lost, fighting, spending more money, you need a vacation from your vacation… bad idea.

You talk to your friends, but no one can put their phone down long enough to give you a complete answer. Plus, they all have their own shit going on… and their advice is the standard protocol you’re already telling yourself, “Just be grateful for what you have, we’re like the top 5% of the world, everyone else lives in squalor and poverty. First world problems…” Shrug. Cry.

Then you start over, keeping really busy again… but this time you’re grateful… and the cycle repeats itself… over and over and over and over…. another week of your life… GONE! Maybe next lifetime?

The sad truth is… YOU. ARE. STUCK! Relationships? Stuck. Career? Stuck. Family? Stuck. Finances? Stuck. Body? Stuck. Soul? Stuck.

Are you ready for the GOOD NEWS?

erika_faceYou were listening to something…

Something deep inside of you…

Yes, that little voice, you know the one…

Call it a hunch, a whisper, maybe even faith… it’s something you read on inspirational Facebook posts, you know the ones with the fancy letters with the image of a lotus flower, sunset over the ocean, a heart-shaped anything.

The one it seems everyone else is listening to but you. It’s that voice that believes that there is “more for you” than what you’re experiencing… letting you know its YOUR time to shine!

And you HEARD it… then you tried to understand it with your brain, that’s why your attempts to fix it… failed.

Those awful feelings of despair, self-sabotage, worry and fear… are actually beautiful messages from your heart, being misinterpreted by your brain.

Yes… You heard me. I’m talking to your little voice now. That voice is your heart. It’s your inner GPS. Your all-knowing, all-connected, power source.

listen-heartYou see, at some point your heart and your brain got disconnected. They actually work really really well together, they are meant to be partners. But something happened where it wasn’t safe to listen to your heart anymore, it hurt too much, it wasn’t worth the humiliation… so you let your brain have all the power and isolated your heart to protect it.

But NOW, by the grace of God, your heart is refusing to sit back in the shadows… it’s using your brain to send you messages. But, like we said before, your brain is not equipped to interpret the messages of your heart. In a loving, gentle way your heart is nudging you, as it does, that it’s time for you to learn how to listen to it, and take ACTION!

Learning to Listen to Your Heart

Now sure, you can do this in many ways on your own, self-study… but let me be honest with you… it’s gonna take awhile and here’s why…

Getting into the proper heart-set takes slowing down, practically stopping everything you’re doing, so you can connect and reflect. You need to be out in nature, A LOT. You need to rest. You need to move your body. You need time. You need to unravel.

In the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day, making these things a priority? Come on… it’s hard, right? How many times have you set your alarm for the 5 am yoga class, only to roll over, go back to bed, and promise yourself tomorrow you’ll get up? This is how the brain works, doing it’s job, repeating patterns to keep you comfortable and alive.



you’re not really alive, like in the greatest expression of YOUR LIFE.

It’s too easy to go on auto-pilot at home. Too easy to keep ignoring that little voice and hide because no one is there to tell you to make space, slow down, hold your hand and tell you “It’s ok… I see you. It’s safe to listen to your heart now.”

Let’s face it… what you need is a healthy, loving, safe, soul-cleansing space. One that pulls you forward to LIVE fully & THRIVE!

A space far, far away from your everyday life.  A space where you gracefully shift into alignment with your truth, “tuning in” to the powerful messages from your heart.

You will STOP buying into your thoughts about…

  • how fu*ked up you are…
  • bingeing on a whole box of cookies…
  • drinking an entire bottle of wine…
  • cheating on your partner…
  • hating your job…
  • pretending to be sick to avoid your life…
  • cleaning your house… again…
  • or how you’re turning into your mother…

When you learn how to “tune in”, get ready for your world to be ROCKED like never before.  Not only will you know, without a doubt, that everything is divinely right, connected, and in flow…


love, you will..

  • Trust that you are making the right decisions and courageously manifesting your goals & dreams…
  • See how your gifts can make a difference in the world and are able to receive abundance…
  • Feel peaceful and when you don’t… you have the tools to bring yourself back into flow…
  • Crave more organic foods and find time for rest and exercises you love…
  • Feel like you can really be “all of you” in your relationships…
  • Intentionally choose your thoughts to create the world you live in…
  • Bring more awareness to divine signs and tune into your dreams more frequently…
  • Appreciate your mother, and love your differences.

This could be your life in 7 days on a dream vacation!

OR however long it takes trying to do it on your own at home.

How Do You “Tune In”?

body_wordsYou were born “tuned in”, then somewhere along the way you tuned out. So the discovery of “tuning in” is a personal phenomenon.  Our clients always ask us…

  • “What does it actually mean to hear my divine guidance?
  • What will it sound like, look like?
  • How do I know what my heart says and how can I trust I’m not making it up?
  • Can I really talk to angels?”

There are bookshelves filled with pages and pages and pages of case studies, opinions & processes to answer these questions. But ask anyone how they got there and no one has the same story.

How you “tune in” is as personal as you are, like a snowflake or thumbprint. We work with you one-on-one to help you discover what yours is… When you get it, your eyes are opened and the world appears beautiful, bright & brilliant.

You may be feeling like this all sounds a little woo-woo, cultish or weird. You’re afraid others will think you’re losing it as you awaken to your own psychic abilities.

This is totally normal. It’s what your brain does when it tries to translate what it can’t understand… it’s protecting you from the perceived unknown threat.

During the retreat, as we dive into these concepts about living a divinely inspired life, your brain will relax a little when it recognizes they’re actually grounded in science and research.

Miracles Happen When You Let Go!

Isabel bryna

We created the Runaway and Reset Retreat out of a “cry for help” from the multitude of people we interact with on a daily basis.

We heard you asking for, longing for, desperate for a safe and loving space – a transformational cocoon away from your day-to-day stresses to really connect with your deep truth and divine guidance.

We kept hearing you say, you’re at a pivotal moment in your life, you’re down on your hands and knees bartering one more time for things to be different. “God, if you please do this, I’ll never do that again…” or “God, please don’t let me screw this up…”

You tell us you know the miracle you’re hoping for doesn’t come from the outside but is manifested from within…

You ask us about the life changing tools and techniques you can use to emerge more radiant, confident, and empowered to be YOU… to create the life you love and deserve.

Spend 7 days communing in the magical mountains of Costa Rica… and witness your divinely architected metamorphosis.

Bed Yoga

Open to Trust Meditation

Listen to Erika lead an intimate 30-minute guided meditation with one of her clients.

Through yoga, Erika consistently guides her students to become the conscious creators of their reality, one breath one movement one intention at a time. Through self-honoring and practicing conscious movement and breath, you become aware of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, allowing yourself the space to “tune in” to the divinely guided messages sent to you through your 6 senses and respond and create rather than react or move unconsciously in limited and stuck habits and belief systems.

Each Day we will come together to practice life changing tools that connect you more deeply to your truest self and divine guidance.

Sample Labs include:

  • Practices and purification to increase psychic connection
  • Learn several ways to connect with your angels and guides.  Tune into the support God provides through the angelic realm, messengers of divine wisdom to guide you on your path and love you unconditionally.
  • Muscle Testing to receive an accurate read on what foods, supplements, decisions, and more are resonate and in alignment with your soul and body.
  • Learn how to release trapped emotions that are wreaking havoc on your system and keeping you stuck in sabotaging patterns so you can live life from a place of pure presence and power, rather than old wounds and stories holding you back.
  • Cord Cutting: Release hurtful interpersonal patterns and rebuild from a place of wholeness and balance
  • Theta healing: Replace old patterns and programming with divine understandings and approaches.
  • Moon Rituals
  • Mantras and Gratitudes

And of course there will be time to play, relax and enjoy yourself on your vacation…

  • Day trips to nearby attractions including beaches, Adventure Park Costa Rica which features guided rainforest tours and unique 25 zip lines over 11 waterfalls canopy adventure, high rope course, horseback riding and ATV tours. (optional and not included)
  • A hike to the stream or the pochote tree forest where you might just see a colorful toucan, an iridescent mot-mot or any one of several species of birds for birdwatching.
  • Horseback riding OR a Guided Hike in the hills with amazing views of the green valleys, the forest and even the Nicoya Peninsula and ocean beyond. Ride to a waterfall or through farms with amazing vistas. (optional and not included)
  • A dip in the pool and lounging with a good book.
  • Reflection, meditation, and be still…renew yourself in nature.
  • If you sing, play piano or guitar they have both and you can join them in a jam session that happens frequently at AmaTierra.


The Cocoon


Understand, honor, and clear away the emotional, mental and physical ailments that make it difficult to move easily and joyfully throughout your day.

  • Tune into your divine guidance and receive clarity so you can release the worry, doubt or fear keeping you feeling stuck.
  • Hear what you body is telling you through pain and illness, so you can heal them.
  • Rest and relaxation to unlock your success.
  • Release historical emotional & spiritual blocks.
  • Clear out the toxic clutter filling up your life, your environment, your body and your relationships.


Move from thinking with only your head to partnering with your heart.

  • Practice self love and self care practices to end sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and enhance your sense of worth.
  • Move from thinking with only your head to partnering with your heart.
  • Connect with your Intuition, Angels and guides


Take the next steps you are guided to with deep peace, excitement, and trust.

  • Create a new relationship to your body, honor her, nourish her, and connect with her, while creating the physical body and wellness you hope for.
  • Use the power of breath, mindfulness, and movement to create lasting peace and change in your life.
  • Harness cycles of the moon and earth and nature to enhance your ability to manifest.

runaway_womanWe believe the deepest truest YOU isn’t “found”… she emerges…

We know there are a ton of retreats you can choose from… and the promises all sound similar…

There is a reason you’re reading this now. The angels have been love-bombing you for some time, sending you people and opportunities to support you in your awakening.

Now is the time for you to grasp these life changing tools and feel completely held and loved as you emerge the best version of you, ready to activate the miracles in your life.

We understand that it’s short notice… but the divine doesn’t work in our space and time. This was birthed from a higher place at the perfect time… it is meant to reach the perfect chosen ones. YOU. Inside your heart, you know… it’s time… and everything will align to get you there.

In just a few weeks you can relax by the pool, hike through the lush tropical forests, have all your organic meals made for you, enjoy daily yoga and meditation with a divinely chosen group of people, while you gracefully, courageously shift into alignment with your truth.

And then on your return we will continue your journey… together! Using technology we will connect, confirm & realign our lives to our new intentions. And it will feel so good. Even the “hard stuff” feels better as you have a greater perspective and understanding of transformation and the divine working with and through you.

Your Luxurious Accomodations

Peaceful Quiet Suites

Feel at home cradled by nature amidst the mango trees and sounds of the living forest.

  • Private Suite – queen bed with bathroom (including a bath tub)
  • Shared Suite – 2 queen beds separated with a privacy wall
  • Relaxing sitting area
  • Private terrace & garden with outdoor seating
  • Ceiling fans
  • Refrigerator/Coffee/tea maker
  • Phone/TV/DVD player
  • Complimentary snacks

Healthy Gourmet Food

At AmaTierra, guests enjoy family-style meals served on the balcony savoring some of the freshest foods in all of Costa Rica. The Cuisine is International, with an emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, some home-grown in their organic garden.

  • Includes all meals at Ama Tierra starting with dinner on October 10th and ending with Breakfast on October 17th.
  • Food is locally sourced and organic when possible.
  • The restaurant can accommodate special dietary needs – like vegan, dairy/gluten intolerances, food allergies.

Services & Amenities

AmaTierra is a life-enhancing guest facility nestled on 8 acres in the Costa Rican mountains.

  • Wifi is available in the Lobby and by the pool.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Laundry facilities
  • Guided rainforest tours and unique 25 zip lines over 11 waterfalls canopy adventure, high rope course, horseback riding and ATV tours (optional and not included).
  • Time for reflection, meditation, and to just be still and renew yourself in nature.

Sacred Space



($497 Value)

L.E.A.P. to Rise is the perfect foundation to prepare for the next level of your awakening, where you will be guided to:

  • Learn how to LISTEN to your soul’s desires with love.
  • Feel confident to EXPRESS your truth and aligning your actions to create the life you’ve always wanted.
  • PROGRESS into the greater version of yourself and the quality of your life.
  • and RISE to the next level of your life!

With this home-study course, you don’t have to wait until October to get grounded & open to your truth.  This guide will accelerate the work we do together in Costa Rica.

It starts TODAY! You can stop perpetuating the cycles of uncertainty, procrastination, overwhelm, and other fears stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and blocks in expressing yourself. You will stop feeling lost, off-track, or disconnected from your truth… when it comes to designing the life and work you truly love.

Love Notes

Kristen Watts (Holistic Health Practitioner)
Several months ago I had begun a path to personal reinvention, and I was pretty happy with my journey when I met Erika Watson along the way. I was drawn to her and decided to listen to a discovery/ teleconference call for the LEAP to Rise Program with she and Scott. I knew immediately that I was being called to join others to LEAP, and I am so full of gratitude that I listened to my higher self. This program helped me pull everything together so I could reignite more confidence in my higher self, my personal offerings, my parenting, my business, my financial hang ups, and so many other aspects of my life. I essentially needed the safe place [that the LEAP to Rise Program offered] in order to be reminded of and to discuss what my spirit needed [of myself] to continue on my journey. I LEAPT with "release and joy" all the way through this 5 week session, and I got my glow back!! The clarity I have is unreal. Thank you Erika and Scott for sharing your gifts, so I could SEE mine. xo
Marc Hupert (Oneness Circle Facilitator)
My name is Marc Hupert and I have been blessed to have been A Bars Partner with Erika Watson at Cory Michelle"s, Access Consciousness Course in Encinitas, California. I personally never met Erika before and when I got on the table I felt safe, cared for, nurtured and for a person who has had trust issues it was like being in a rainforest of peace when Erika started doing The Bars. I had things come up for me that had been in my consciousness for years and Erika held the space for me without judgement when I freaked out and had to go outside for a bit. I came back in and felt loved and cared for. That is the kind of character that I energetically felt from Erika's being! With that being said, you are a lucky individual when you have Erika as a Bars Facilitator because its literally like having an Angel on your shoulder guiding you. Thank You Erika for your unconditional Love.
Julie Nichols
The LEAP program with Erika and Scott was one of the best things I've done for myself. As a busy working woman with 2 children, I had put self care on the back burner. I was able to really shift my perspective on the importance of taking care of myself and living a life I really love. A big shift for me also that happened from the program was changing aspects of my business so they were more in alignment with who I am and what message I want to put out there. I am so grateful to Erika for creating this amazing program, it opened doors in my consciousness and created shifts in such a short time.
Kylie Devi (Author and Online Entrepreneur)
I came into LEAP just knowing it was the right move for me to make at that time in my life. I wasn't really sure why, I had spoken with Erika and she told me about the class, and I just felt YES with my whole body. As the class start date neared, there were some issues regarding my work that were showing up. I felt confined and constrained by my current situation but also felt like it was a good opportunity and that I should keep doing it for the experience. Erika and Scott really focused on listening the the heart, and not the head, and within the first 2 weeks of the course I attracted a far more lucrative, more exciting opportunity that feels like the best possible fit for me at this time. I recommend LEAP to transform any life area you feel stuck in, Scott and Erika will gently push you over the edge of what you thought possible for your life.
Erika Watson
Renee, you have been an absolute God-send and of course in the perfect timing. Your guidance, readings, and support over the last few months as well as encouraging my own connection with my angels, God, and intuition has been incredibly powerful for me in emerging out of a period of sabotaging behaviors and holding onto the past with much more clarity and confidence in creating my life. I'm so very grateful for the levels of love, health, and purpose I am now experiencing and look forward to opening to even more abundance in these areas and more as I connect more deeply with my divine guidance. Thank you again for being my wing woman and earth angel! Blessings <3
Lisa Morrison
I just want to say thank you for the card reading, it was spot on.. you are truly gifted. Thank you again! <3 A few months back, I asked Renee a question regarding a class I wanted to so desperately take, but it was sold out and had a huge wait list. The chances were 1 in a million I'd get in. Renee said I would get into the class, at the very last minute. I received an email the other day that a spot opened up and the class starts on Monday. You were right on the money. Thank you again <3
Beáta Oláh-Wood
Thank you so much for the lovely, in-depth reading you have done for me. Your words have given me comfort and peace. You were spot on with elements of my present and past, and I trust the future brings all that you have reassured me about. You are amazing. I am especially grateful about the message from my Nan who is no longer with us. heart emoticon Lots of love always. xxx
Tiff Manchester
I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me, Renee Johnson de Morales. It was so very perfect, and all the info was exactly what I needed to hear at the right time. Magical! Thanks again 🙂
Diane Lang
Hello Renee, I had a really nice reading with you recently and it was helpful for me to hone in a few things with my health. I struggle with chronic pain and you passed on some messages for me that will assist me going forward. All the best to you, Diane <3
Evyenia Karamani
Renee! Thank you for a very precise, loving and practical reading to my question concerning health! Your advice was right to the point and it felt true! I hope you continue to give blessings with your readings! Best of luck!
Sophia LaMonica
Resort: AmaTierra Retreat & Wellness Center calls itself "a life-enhancing guest facility" and it may be just that. Nestled on 8 acres in the Costa Rican mountains one hour west of the capital city of San Jose and one hour north of the Central Pacific Beaches, AmaTierra can be your home away from home as well as your home base as you venture on day trips to a variety of area attractions. AmaTierra's, elevation, at 2000 feet, creates an ideal climate which stays between 62-84 degrees year round. This special eco-resort features an infinity-edge pool, a balcony with breathtaking views and 10 private casitas, each with an outdoor patio. AmaTierra offers basic lodging and breakfast as well as all-inclusive vacation packages such as Wellness & Adventure Packages which include healthful meals, activities and wellness services, including yoga in an open-air gazebo Best for Resort Because: An eco-lodge with an emphasis on health and wellness, Amatierra leaves no stone unturned when it comes to hospitality and health.
I had an amazing time at Amatierra. I went with a group of 16 other women on a pilates retreat from Chicago in mid September. The property is gorgeous, amazing views from the patio day and night. Trails for short hikes and lots of plant life everywhere. The food is fantastic! Breakfast lunch and dinner are served daily, and as a vegetarian they were extremely accommodating. I also picked up the cookbook to try and recreate the experience at home! We did take a few day trips from Amatierra, yes they are at east 1hr away but this made for really beautiful scenic ride through the mountains. We went to the national park were we saw lots of wildlife, birds, monkeys, our tour guide Victor was very knowledgeble. We also spent time in Jaco on the beach and another day ziplining. But more about Amatierra... The hosts Jill and Bob are truly wonderful warm people. Very welcoming and accomadating. We spent several nights up singing and dancing. It felt less like being at a hotel and more like visiting long lost friends. The yoga studio is remarkable, views out into the mountains, and open air all around. Their is also an amethyst mat that you can rent time on. (recommend) This is a wellness center so I have to mention the treatments that are offered. Jill is a very knowledgeable herbalist, gives excellent consultations and healing treatments. You can find a list of services on their website. My experience with her was life changing and I know many others on our retreat felt the same. Overall I would recommend this retreat center to anyone looking to get away from a busy life,nature lovers, or for anyone looking to get "unstuck." Sometimes we just need some time to slow down and listen to that little voice inside, and truly take time to love ourselves, this is the place to do that.
Tina Abitua
To the Owners Jill and Bob, and the staff of AmaTierra Retreat Center , I can not Thank -You enough for one of the most enjoyable vacations of my Life ! Your Retreat Center was an amazing experience ! The property alone , breathtakingly Beautiful, with the most amazing energy ! I felt so good just being there! The treatments I received were awesome by a fabulous staff of professionals . The food , "out standing" healthy and delicious ! The excursions , Amazing ! I Zip - lined in the canopy of a beautiful rain forest, took a horse back ride to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world , and got to swim in it ! I had a another amazing day at Horse &Soul ranch , with owners Marsha and Mark and and their Beautiful horses . I can not say enough about the experience , but I loved every second of it , and have a new friend , Daisy ! And Your beautiful , open air yoga studio , with its gorgeous view , was so enjoyable for me and my 16 friends , to do our Pilates and yoga classes in,everyday ! I could go on and on , but anyone out there looking for , not just a vacation , but an Life Changing experience , visit AMATierra Retreat Center , and have the time of your life , as I did ! We ll definitely be back ! Thank -you Again

Join Us

October 10th – 17th

Packages & Payment Options

Truth Seekers

Pay with your choice of credit/debit card or get 6 Months same as cash financing available through Paypal Credit. Application is simple with instant approval status. Pay off the balance within 6 months – no penalty, fees or interest.

Shared Suite

2 Queen beds separated by a privacy wall.  Shared bathroom w/bathtub.

Private Suite

Twice the space, all to yourself. Private bathroom w/bathtub.

REFUND POLICY: Usually we honor people’s right to change their mind and request a refund, however due to the timing of this retreat, and reserving your space in our intimate gathering, we are not offering one.

Air Travel

If you are heading over to book your airline ticket now, look to book a flight on October 10th that arrives in Costa Rica (SJO) ideally BETWEEN 10 am and 2 pm, 4 pm at the latest, so you can catch one of the hotel shuttles. Plan your return flight BEFORE 4 pm on October 17th and remember that you’ll have to leave for the airport 3 hours before your flight time, perhaps more. If you decide to remain in Costa Rica beyond October 17th, please be aware that you will need to find other accommodations, as Ama Tierra closes for 2 weeks following the end of our retreat.

Ground Transportation

We have 2 shuttles that are doing pick up and drop off at the airport. Each will make a single trip to pick up and drop off. These are free to you, if you wish to take advantage of them. We will set the timing of the shuttles once we have everyone’s itineraries, so we get the maximum number of people on them. If your flight arrives extraordinarily early or late, you should plan to arrange your own transport – about $40/person one way.

Non-participating Friend or Family Member

A separate payment of $1,100/adult will be required. Please let us know who they are and their age(s) if under 18. No children under 4 allowed. Please make this special request in the notes section at time of purchase. We will send additional payment link in an email.

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Erika Watson, truth seeker, yogi, and personal empowerment coach, leads the Sacred Strut Movement, guiding women and men to connect to their truest selves, heart wisdom, and divine guidance, allowing the life and body they love to emerge.

Riding the waves in and out of the water, Erika has learned to flow gracefully, healing her own eating disorder and addictive patterns by immersing herself in various types of yoga, breathwork, meditation, physical fitness, and other holistic modalities for over 25 years, including her teacher training in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea, Thai Yoga Massage with Saul David Raye , and Access Consciousness Bars Certification.

Through her LEAP Program, Emergence Retreats, Yoga Classes, Personal One-on-One work, and Internet Connection, she is honored to share her gifts, inspiration, and unconditional love with her clients and fellow yogis as they transform their own limitations to emerge fully in their power. Erika spends her time daily in awe of the divine, taking her own sacred strut walks, practicing kirtan on her new harmonium, filling her daily hug quota, sniffing essential oils, and creating spaces for deeper heart connections, creativity, and truth to emerge.

My story…

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always felt connected to the sacred, believed in angels and spirits, sensed energy.  I remember sitting in rooms alone after grade school, wanting to talk to ghosts or being obsessed with TV shows that featured psychics like Sylvia Brown.  I’d practice trying to feel into my own psychic connection or search for “clues”, thinking one day Id be ask to solve a murder mystery.  I swore that my winning streaks in bingo had something to do with my own personal magic.   I was probably one of the only children to really believe in the Ouji Board.

Yet, for a lot of my life tuning into energy was also messy and confusing, both a blessing and a burden.  As an empath, I was extremely sensitive and would find myself in tears on a daily basis taking on other people’s energy or feelings.  I also felt extremely responsible for everyone around me and eventually turned to bulimia and addictions to cope with my emotions and drown out the feeling of not being enough.

I was an old soul and yet my sense of being and safety in the physical world was a wreck.  Through my twenties I’d create my own version of mini holistic rehabs, trying to cram in as many yoga classes, acupuncture sessions, mani-pedi’s, and theta sessions as I could in one day hoping I could put myself back together again.   I began taking a variety of workshops and trainings in mind body spirit modalities not only because I still carried the desire to “save the world” but because I needed to learn how to “save myself.”

It wasn’t until I could truly learn how to manage and differentiate my energy from others, create a committed practice of self-love and care, deepen my relationship to God, and strengthen my own intuitive abilities, that everything shifted.

Through sacred living, the binge cycles, needing to escape, and messy rock bottoms were replaced, and I finally had the space, self-esteem, and wellness to create the life of my dreams, empowering others to discover the truth within their own hearts and the magic of unconditional love and divine connection.

Renee Johnson de Morales

Renee Johnson de Morales

A bit about me, I’m a psychic, medium, and spiritual healer. I’m also ordained into the Order of Melchizedek and the Universal Life Church. I offer healing through the Emotion Code, Theta Healing, and Laying on of hands (channel healing). My background is a bit different than one would expect. I am a trained scientist with a master’s degree in Biochemistry/Chemisty.

I subsequently moved into the corporate world where I spent many years as a troubleshooter. First in the world of Data Center Operations, where I relocated computer operations and eliminated recurring problems. Then later in the world of Mortgage Lending, where I assisted fellow loan officers in getting their difficult loans done.

Gradually I transitioned into serving people more directly, engaging financial institutions in the community and providing financial classes to those looking to purchase their first home. Ultimately, I found my life path helping others find and walk their life path.

My story…

I’ve always hated the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?”   Really I wanted to be a healer, but little girls did not become doctors, so I had to make a different choice.  As a child, I was so very sensitive and empathic that I could not even watch Lassie.  I also had prophetic dreams and took on the illnesses of others.  Good little Lutheran girls don’t do these things.

So I walled up my heart, and looked outside myself for the answers bouncing around career choices, influenced by my parents, my first husband, society’s definition of success.  If things didn’t go well, I looked outside myself for answers from specialists, my boss, and self help gurus.

As a result, I ended up, not only childless, but fat, sick, and nearly dead, to borrow the movie’s title.  At the low point in my quest for health, when I had run out of resources on every level – physical, financial, emotional – I finally said the prayer that lifted the blockage and turned everything around for me.

Once the spiritual blockage was lifted, I was open to receive.  A tidal wave of goodness followed.  Into my life, came the right doctor to partner with me to regain my health and my proper weight.  My ears opened to my intuitive guidance leading me to my life’s purpose.  My psychic abilities returned full force.  Life has become magical, filled with meaning and miracles, small and large.  And I learned the biggest secret of all – We are all born psychic, the only question is whether we choose to use our gifts.